I am planning for season 2017 - 1 episode for the pre-season, 23 episodes for the regular season (including the bye), an extra episode if the MIGHTY BLUES make the finals and 1 episode for the draft. The pilot episode is online (below on this website) and three (3) more episodes are being filmed this year in rounds 17 (Carlton vs West Coast @ the MCG on Sunday the 17th of July), 18 (Sydney vs Carlton @ ANZ Stadium on Saturday the 23rd of July) and 19 (Hawthorn vs Carlton @ Aurora Stadium on Saturday the 30th of July). If you are attending any of these 3 games lookout for me if you would like to appear.


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Pilot Episode


If you would like to appear on an episode of CFC Ahead and can't make it to rounds 5 or 6 in season 2017 you may film yourself answering 'I am a Bluebagger because...' and email the video to cfc-ahead@kjg-films.info... I am also putting together an episode each for the AFLW and JLT Community Pre-Season competitions if you would like to appear in saying what you think about the two competitions.

14.8% of the gross revenue made from CFC Ahead will stay at KJG Films (to fund more episodes) and 14.2% will be donated to the following originations:



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